At Blue Planet, we recognise that waste management solutions need to be flexible. So whether you are a large corporation or a small scale business, we work with you and for you—our sustainable models are adapted to your individual needs. Explore our solutions.

Landfill Mining

Landfill Mining

Dumpsites are the third-largest source of human-generated methane – a greenhouse gas that is 28 times more potent than carbon dioxide and a significant accelerator of climate change. We provide a novel solution to safely manage open dumpsites by segregating, treating and recycling waste to clear landfills.

Blue Planet’s landfill remediation technology, developed by Zigma, aims to clear open dumpsites, recover valuable materials from legacy waste, and reclaim the land to achieve our vision of sustainable development. Our comprehensive process begins with analysing the waste composition followed by pre-stabilisation, including deodorisation and leachate drainage from open dumpsites. A planned excavation follows and the process is complete with the transportation of the recovered segregated waste.

We deploy a state-of-the-art online monitoring system with real-time data processing to efficiently run the landfill mining process. The combustibles are refined using multiple methods like grinding, drying, precision trommel screening, and bailing to optimise the recovered waste’s value. As a result, most of the materials from landfill sites are recovered following our near-zero residue model and are often sold to local recyclers and generate significant value.

With a progressive strategy and ingenious technology, we are clearing landfills and making a positive impact on the environment.

Municipal Waste

Mixed Municipal Waste

We deploy our state of art technologies to provide a complete range of solutions to treat mixed municipal waste. From collecting recyclable materials, treating organic waste at source to landfill mining, Blue Planet is your zero waste partner.

We support small businesses and large corporations in collecting recyclable materials such as paper, cardboard, mixed drink containers, rigid plastic, film plastic, construction waste, general waste, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, wood crates, pallets etc. We also provide confidential shredding and destruction of obsolete products and offer a full range of waste removal and disposal services to complement recycling services.

Our compact, pre-fabricated plug and play biogas plants for universal organic waste enable a quick and easy installation. Using a modern biological process based on the proven High Solid Thermophilic Biomethanation process for processing Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), the small scale containerised Anaerobic Digester unit treats organic and food waste at the source. The biogas generated can be utilised to generate electricity using biogas engines or can be used for cooking. In addition, the dewatered cake from the Anaerobic Digester (AD) unit can be sold as organic compost after drying.

Landfills in Asia are a significant source of anthropogenic methane emissions, where half of the mixed municipal waste is organic and releases potent greenhouse gases. Our sophisticated solution segregates, treats and recycles waste to clear exhausted landfills. Our expertise in clearing open dumpsites, recovering valuable materials from legacy waste and reclaiming land delivers our vision of sustainable development.

Hazardous Waste

Hazardous Waste

Disaster sites generate significant levels of industrial and commercial waste – some of it is highly hazardous. We have the expertise, technological solutions and infrastructure to handle and dispose of waste in highly specialised areas.

Our waste management ecosystem can efficiently segregate, process and upcycle waste from disaster sites. We manage small-scale residential fires and floods to large-scale industrial accidents and chemical spills. We also handle emergency projects, such as the safe extraction of hazardous gas cylinders and cleaning chemical spillages. Our solutions are cost-effective for businesses and better for the environment.

Biodegradable Waste

Biodegradable & Organic Waste

Our suite of innovative Anaerobic Digestion (AD) technologies is modular and quick to deploy, allowing us to customize climate-friendly organic waste management solutions.

As a result, we can serve large centralized projects, processing over 200 tonnes of organic waste per day, down to small rural and community projects that process less than 500 Kgs per day.

When properly processed, wet and dry organic waste can be used to generate biogas – a clean and low-environmental impact fuel that has multiple applications ranging from heating, cooking, and even power generation.

Currently, Blue Planet companies process more than 15,000 tonnes of waste per day across different projects and have deployed more than 90 decentralized organic waste units of various sizes across South Asia.

Our technology cuts your waste disposal costs, lowers carbon emissions and generates on-site renewable energy. It helps create new commercial opportunities for you and plays a pivotal role in reducing the daily flow of organic waste to landfills.

Industrial Waste

Industrial Waste

We are at the forefront to manage and process industrial waste— collecting, segregating and recycling general and scheduled waste, including plastic scrap, electronic waste, ferrous and non-ferrous metal, solder dross, oil residue and others.

Recyclable materials are extracted and processed at our site before being sold for further processing and use.

Our technology captures the methane released from organic waste and can displace energy derived from fossil fuels. It plays a critical role in reducing the daily flow of organic waste to landfills.

Plastic Waste

Plastic Waste

We tackle the growing plastic pollution issue by providing a comprehensive and sustainable solution of converting waste plastic into valuable energy and material outputs.

Using a Thermo-Catalytic Depolymerisation (TCD) process, we reverse the plastic production process by cracking the long chains of polymer to produce usable fuel oil. This technology, based on pyrolysis, is a cost-effective method to process low-grade plastic waste into high-energy by-products.

All technologies adopted by Blue Planet have a positive environmental impact. For example, the fuel resulting from our depolymerisation process is sulphur-free and chemically pure. It allows the safe processing of plastic waste into products of commercial value.

Blue Planet’s plastic-to-fuel solution, when applied on a larger scale, provides an added benefit. Due to the unpredictability of energy supply, our technology offers a substitute for raw fossil fuels from upcycled low-value plastic.

Electronic Waste

Electronic Waste

We use our proprietary method to recover high-value materials from electronic waste components, traditionally lost due to inefficient, inherently toxic, and outdated processing methods.

Our technology involves a clean chemical recovery process that increases throughput and yield by using ultrasound to reduce processing times considerably. With ultrasonic agitation, the technology speeds up the recovery period by up to 20 times.

Our recovery system for silver and lead from discarded E-waste such as printed circuit boards and cathode-ray tubes eliminates the need and high cost of exporting E-waste. Additionally, our technology lowers energy consumption by up to 80 per cent compared to traditional methods like smelting. It enables the increased conservation of natural resources by extracting a significantly higher level of materials without risk to humans and the planet.

Inert Waste

Inert Waste

Inert waste has particular relevance to landfills as it takes up an enormous amount of space. The most common examples of inert waste are sand and concrete debris. We offer sustainable concrete block alternatives, called Blockwalls.

Blockwalls, manufactured from 87 per cent recycled materials, comprise mainly low-value inert waste. They are a cost-effective alternative to comparable steel, concrete and soil reinforcements with a significantly higher environmental footprint. Blockwalls are highly useful in civil engineering, flood defence, security and construction.

By producing green infrastructure, we aim to contribute to saving the environment. And in helping the community through meaningful job creation and skill development, we aim to generate a positive social impact.

Environmental Decontamination

Environmental Decontamination and Remediation

We provide a comprehensive range of Environmental Decontamination and Remediation services. Viruses present a high risk of infection, even in low numbers.

Hence, simple disinfection is not adequate. A more radical approach delivering a 99.9999% (or ‘six log’) decimation rate is required. Our technology delivers precisely this outcome.

Our two-prong strategy is to attack and eradicate viable viruses and provide long-lasting protection against future contamination and indirect transmission of pathogenic organisms, including the deadly COVID-19 virus.

Environmental Decontamination

Consulting and Education

The key idea in waste management is how individuals and their activities affect their environment. The impact of a sustainable practice at an individual and household level is significant due to the sheer number of people on the planet.

Nevertheless, it is commonly overlooked in educational content. Blue Nudge aims to incorporate the idea of sustainable living and waste management in academic curriculums and reach out to diverse communities and audiences, not limited to school and university students, business owners, corporate executives, through education and outreach.

Our programs, My Social Responsibility, Blue Nudge- Sustainability Heroes, Collective Responsibility Drive- Recycling and Blue Planet-Plastic Bank, aim at instilling a sense of responsibility amongst individuals towards their planet and environment. The programs provide an enriching community engagement experience while encouraging individuals to bring about the much-needed behavioural change in the society. We intend to equip the individuals, part of our programs, with extensive knowledge of sustainable practices, waste management and climate change and prepare them to play a crucial role in contributing towards the making of a zero-waste planet.


Efficiently managing your waste requires getting familiar with your data and gaining a comprehensive understanding of your different waste types, treatment methods and output rates.

Blue Planet will work with you to create a practical roadmap and offer context-dependent solutions that will turn your waste into additional revenue streams and help achieve your sustainability goals.



Blue Planet Asia Green Energy Services

Green Energy

  • Biomass; organic mixed waste; Agriwaste using AD
  • Thin plastics to fuel using TCD tech
  • Waste to Energy using incineration
Blue Planet Asia Urban Mining Services

Urban Mining

  • PMR & base metals recovery from eWaste using proprietary hydrometallurgy solution
  • Battery recycling **
  • Industrial waste
Blue Planet Asia Remediation and Recovery Services

Remediation & Recovery

  • Landfill mining
  • RDF to brick pallet board
  • RDF to shutter board
  • RDF to lumber for pallets
  • Thin plastics to fuel
Blue Planet Asia Integrated Projects Services

Integrated Projects

  • End to end waste management for municipal waste
Blue Planet Asia Recycling and Upcycling Services

Recycling & Upcycling

  • MRF’s
  • Paper recycling
  • Metals recycling
  • Wood recycling
  • Plastics recycling
  • CND to geopolymer blocks
Blue Planet Asia Collection Services and MRF

Collection Services & MRF

  • Public collection
  • Industrial collection
Blue Planet Asia Consulting Services

Consulting: Education & Specialized Services

  • Sustainability education and training
  • Social awareness
  • Consulting for waste management

Solutions that work

We deliver commercially attractive and sustainable models that can be widely adopted and replicated worldwide

Innovation and Technology

Blue Planet owns and deploys technologies across waste life cycle, from collection to upcycling, to reduce negative impact and increase recovery

Integrated Waste Solution

Blue Planet provides a resource-efficient, end-to-end waste management services

Multiple Waste Streams

By segrating the waste, we process our waste in order to extract the maximum value while having Low Negative Impact