Zigma Global Environ Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Zigma Global Environ Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Mixed Municipal Waste


Who Are We?

Zigma Environ Solutions are the vanguard of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Management solutions. Un-segregated waste and indiscriminate dumping of the same as landfills has been the two major problems that threaten to pollute the atmosphere and poison the planet. As a MSW Management company, Zigma Global offers a solution involving segregation, treatment, recycling and thus clearing landfills.

Equipped with a radical strategy and a disruptive technology we are working to eradicate and clear the solid waste legacy landfills. Our team of Experts and Environmental Engineers work with a mission of transforming the waste in the dump yards to add immense value in the value chain of Renewable energy. In the process, Zigma will not only eradicate a problem but also create wealth, employment and sustainable development for mother earth’s stake holders.

Our Technology

Landfill mining is a resource efficient way to manage open dumpsites which constantly contribute to environmental and social degradation. The solution developed by Zigma is aimed towards clearing open dumpsites, recovering valuable materials from legacy waste and reclaim the land to deliver the vision of sustainable development.

The machines used during the course of projects are robust, movable and specially designed to handle Legacy WasteMining. Zigma has developed indigenous machinery leveraging automation and data capturing system jointly with leading technology partners from across Asia.

Our Process

The company’s process for integrated landfill mining starts with comprehensive waste composition analysis and pre-stabilisation processes including deodorisation and leachate drainage from open dumpsites. This is followed by planned excavation and transportation of recovered waste that was segregated into different fractions based on the characteristics.

The combustibles are refined using multiple processes including grinding, drying, precision trommel screening and bailing to meet the relevant requirements to optimise value of recovered waste. Majority of the materials from the landfill sites across India are recovered following Zigma’s near-zero residue model. To efficiently run the landfill mining process, Zigma deploys a state-of-the-art online monitoring system with real-time data processing.

Why Us?

Clearing a landfill site has a significant positive impact on the environment. Open dumps are a major source of anthropogenic methane emissions in the world, more so in Asia where half of the mixed municipal waste is organic which releases potent greenhouse gases such as methane.

Furthermore, a key opportunity for waste projects in India is the inclusion of the informal waste workers in large projects. The process of land remediation by Zigma is done using efficient technologies that recover waste with precision for high-quality outputs. The recovered materials which included combustibles, soil, soil enrichers, scrap metals, wood, and tyres are often sold to local recyclers and generate significant value.