Blue Planet Yasasu Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Blue Planet Yasasu Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Mixed Municipal Waste

Who are we?

Blue Planet provides state of the art, compact, pre-fabricated plug and play biogas plant for universal organic waste. The construction and structure of the unit enables a quick, uncomplicated installation at various locations such as industrial canteens, housing societies, condominiums, hotels, hawker centres and agricultural farms. The small scale containerised Anaerobic Digester unit is built to treat organic and food waste at source. It is an advanced biological process based on the proven High Solid Thermophilic Biomethanation process for processing Municipal Solid Waste (MSW).

Image 1: Yasasu Anaerobic Digester Technology Process flow and possible outputs

Our Process

The solution is designed to treat high solids using a process that delivers positive environmental impact. The uniqueness of this process is in its effective mixing and in the design of reactor, which reduces the size of the bio-degradable organic waste during the pre-treatment process. The biogas generated can be utilized to generate electricity using biogas engines or alternatively can be used for cooking. Further to generate additional revenue, the dewatered cake from the Anaerobic Digester (AD) unit can be sold as organic compost after drying.

Our Efficiency

The compact bio-gas plant makes it possible for installation to deal with organic waste ranging from 100kg to 10 tonnes per day (TPD). The operation of a small biogas plant is economically viable as it reduces the cost of disposal and treats the waste in a safe manner. Blue Planet’s unit exponentially boosts the fertilizing property of the compost generated.

  • Innovative low cost solid liquid handling system, which helps recycle water and reduces fresh water usage.
  • Innovative low cost solid liquid handling system, which helps recycle water and reduces fresh water usage.
  • Automatic aeration and mixing in primary digester and mixing and biogas circulation in secondary to improve mass and heat transfer
  • Provides daily data about waste been fed, biogas production and indication of preventive maintenance parameter
  • Innovative design to hold microbes and prevent them from washing out

Why Us?

The Blue Planet decentralised unit is a product that promises premium quality, seamless finish, different patterns and affordable prices. Furthermore, the company ensures timely delivery of the products to clients, and through this have gained a huge clients base in the market in India and abroad. One containerised processing unit of 2/1 (mixed/segregated) ton of waste per day is capable of producing 250 kg of bio-compost and 120 Nm3 of bio-gas per day. Yasasu Green is a swift and simple solution ideal for the urban and semi-urban market in cities in the region for decentralised processing of organic municipal solid waste.