Blue Planet acquires Yasasu Green

Blue Planet acquires Yasasu Green

Singapore, December 2018 – Blue Planet Environmental Solutions, a Singapore-headquartered end to end sustainable waste management company, today announced its recent acquisition of Yasasu Environmental Management Services, a decentralized organic waste processing company based in India.

With this acquisition, Blue Planet now offers an innovative solution to process organic waste through decentralised containerised technology to solve Asia’s growing urban waste problem.

Yasasu’a self-contained and compact digesters can process one to five tonnes of organic waste such as leftover food, vegetable and fruit peels, garden waste and sludge, making it ideal for locations that require decentralised processing solutions.

“By thoughtful integration and finding avenues for meaningful synergies with collection and transportation technologies, Blue Planet Environmental Solutions will be able to expand and bring Yasasu’s unique solution to the forefront of waste management technology in the region,” remarked Madhujeet Chimni, Founder and Chairman of Blue Planet Environmental Solutions.

He added, “Generation of energy from waste would have significant social and economic benefits, across most Asian countries.”

Containing the waste problem

Asia is home to 40 per cent of the world’s population, and its cities are experiencing an accelerating rate of urbanization due to steady economic growth. As the number of mega-cities increase in the region, urban planning and environmental management has become an increasing priority for governments to ensure sustainable economic growth and a good quality of life for their citizens.

Waste collected in this region is often dumped in non-engineered landfills, which leads to severe environment impacts through leachate generation and landfill gas emission due to the large organic composition of waste which accounts for up to 85 per cent in some countries.

To find a solution to this growing challenge, Yasasu Green’s dedicated team of technical experts and thought leaders designed a small scale containerized product to treat waste at source based on DRYCO-ADTM technology.

Suhas Bhand, Chairman of Yasasu Green, said, “After nine years of experience, we have a deep understanding of what are the requirements of urban centres in the country. The main problem faced by cities is land availability, which makes it difficult to set up a large centralized plant for waste processing. Therefore, we have developed this decentralized system to optimize waste management at the precinct level in urban areas.”

Using an advanced biological process based on the proven high solid thermophilic biomethanation process for treating MSW, the unit generates biogas and high-quality compost.

The recovered biogas can be used directly for cooking (as a fuel) or converted into electricity which gets channelled back to power the Yasasu Green unit, making it self-sufficient, while also providing electricity to the local communities.